I help small creators, creative agencies and online businesses create business systems, simplify workflow and identify new business opportunities.

Hey, I’m Ifeoma.

I am an MBA grad and former lawyer turned non-technical techie #nocode.

Through my work with businesses across different industries, such as educational robotics and wellness, I have developed expertise in creating systems, researching business trends and pitching to customers.

In March of 2022, I began helping creative people and businesses minimise business clutter. I merged my unique skill set and passion for online businesses and the creator economy into a stellar offering.

So, I invite you to say;

“Hey, Ifeoma. How can you help me spend more time creating?”

I’d love to talk to you 😊

"(Ifeoma) ...showed me all of the ways in which I can expand the business. (Her service)... is unique, it's not prepackaged.”

Skincarenerd, Skincare Creator.

What Clients Say

How I Can help You

Unfortunately, a business can’t run on good vibes only. Finding your ideal customer and politely poking them until they buy what you’re selling is an essential skill. A better skill? Getting the same person to repeatedly give you money. Willingly!

Say hey, if you need help with:

  • Prospecting

  • Cold emailing

  • Customer relationship management

  • Sales strategy

Intuitive, customised and easy to use systems are essential for running a successful business of any size. It can be difficult to put the “creative” back into running a creative business because operations and admin tasks sometimes become overbearing leaving you with less and less of the work you enjoy.

I understand this is the reality for many creatives who simply want to make a living off what they make.

Say hey, if you need help with:

  • Client onboarding to off-boarding design

  • Team/Freelancer onboarding to off-boarding design

  • Client portal design

  • Virtual office design

  • Content production workflow design

Business System and Workflow Design

Business development

Let’s talk

Got a partnership idea or a project you need help with? Shoot me a line and let's talk.

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